State of the Reactor - July 13, 2023

  • If you missed it, make sure to check out the recording for yesterday’s Twitter Spaces with Swell!
  • Tokebase has released the Tokebase Pilot Manual, a new documentation resource and AI assistant to help educate new users on the fundamentals of DeFi and the benefits of Tokemak. This knowledge base will be continuously updated with new content as more details of v2 emerge.
  • A fresh article that goes in-depth on the impact of LST slashing on the Tokemak system will be published on Medium soon.
  • Audits are still underway. A Sherlock audit bounty contest with an attractive prize pool starts Monday, July 17th. Sherlock’s lead auditor will also be participating in the audits. The program will last 38 days.
  • The timeline (view on the public dashboard) is on-track for a mid/late September launch of Autopilot.
  • Halborn gave the Tokemak devs a shoutout for the high-quality Tokemak v2 contracts!
“By the way, great job with these contracts, as they are some of the tightest coded contracts we've seen in a while 😁
~ Halborn
  • Great progress has been made on the v2 interface, with a new component-based UI system. The team will be reaching out to the community for beta testing feedback.
Tokemak v2 interface sneak peek
  • A user reward system will be introduced to receive qualitative feedback and bug tracking on the new UX, and iterate on the system while in testnet.
  • The vesting tokens emissions schedule will be released in the next couple of weeks. The team thanked the community for their patience in this matter.
  • SHARP described the difference between LST indexes, such as oETH, and Autopilot. The primary difference is Tokemak’s dynamic allocation system that seeks the best yield for LPs using a variety of inputs. Diversity does not equal optimization!

Try to find the Easter Egg on the Tokemak homepage!

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