State of the Reactor: Autopilot Presentation - May 12, 2023

tratium & Kadesh

The current timeline remains on track, with the core functionality merged and audits scheduled to commence shortly. The public roadmap was updated earlier today, and an extensive Medium article covering tokenomics and Autopilot is scheduled for release on May 16.

State of the Reactor - April 14, 2023
In this State of the Reactor event, the team discussed details about Tokemak v2 (GP), and revealed the upcoming Tokemak Autopilot product along with a public timeline.

Progress has been made on the marketing campaign strategy, and the v2 Beta is slated for release with permissioned access by the end of next week. In addition, an NFT will be launched to celebrate the occasion after the Discord channel is refreshed.

Bruno provided further insights into the Autopilot feature, emphasizing its role as the primary user-facing product. The initial focus will be on ETH liquid staking tokens, allowing users to stake ETH while Tokemak optimizes yield, minimizes expendable gas fees, and simplifies complex processes.

A detailed presentation by Parker from the research and analytics team outlined findings that will play a critical part in the operation of Tokemak’s Autopilot feature. (Slides can also be seen as images in the State of the Reactor chat channel in Discord).

A key aspect of Autopilot is its rebalancing logic, which takes into consideration multiple variables specific to each asset class, such as base yield, trading fees, additional liquidity provider (LP) incentives, and exchange rates.

LPs consider a wide range of options when seeking attractive risk-adjusted returns, including DEXs, trading pairs, pool structures, fee systems, and external reward systems, which frequently change. LPs must think about rebalancing and reward acquisition costs, gas costs for rebalancing, slippage and trading costs for rebalancing, value versus underlying ETH backing, exit liquidity, gas and deployment costs for reward auto-compounding, likelihood of APR stability, and impermanent loss.

To ensure a more strategic and informed approach to investments, LPs should distinguish and weigh APR components instead of blindly following the given rate. Autopilot streamlines this decision-making process into a simple user experience, while aiding the protocol in generating liquidity for the greater DeFi ecosystem.

As always, stay tuned for updates!

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