Tokebase Dispatch: Edition 14 - September 1, 2023

by Kadesh

State of the Reactor - July 13th, 2023

State of the Reactor - August 18, 2023
In this State of the Reactor call, the team provided updates on audit timelines, the upcoming testnet launch, and collaborations made at EthCC.

Key Takeaways

  • The Halborn audit has been extended to nine weeks (originally estimated at 5.5 weeks) for formal verification pushing the Autopilot launch to be scheduled for the end of October or early November.
  • The critical path to launch includes the Sherlock audit concluding on Aug. 28, followed by a week for a competition judging review.
  • Testnet deployment of contracts and UI is currently in progress, with an official announcement to follow on the launch of a public testnet.
  • Due to Curve's recent exposure to a Vyper vulnerability, liquidity was pulled from Curve pools. No funds were affected; however, accTOKE yield was affected. An APR increase is anticipated as assets are redeployed and rebalanced upon the launch of v2.
  • accTOKE will continue to be the primary method for sharing revenue, but this may change as a new model is developed.

Cycle Movements and Development Updates

  • August 2: Cycle 275 -> 276 rollover complete. Total rewards: $12,069.97.
  • August 9: Cycle 276 -> 277 rollover complete. Total rewards: $8,755.34.
  • August 16: Cycle 277 -> 278 rollover complete. Total rewards: $7,541.59.
  • August 23: Cycle 278 -> 279  rollover complete. Total rewards: $7,107.57.
  • August 30: Cycle 279 -> 280 rollover complete. Total rewards: $7,436.44.

accTOKE Rewards Notice: As previously announced Tokemak, out of an abundance of caution, recalled its stable pool deployments from Curve which impacted accTOKE staking rewards for this past Cycle.

In August, the team made substantial strides in both front and backend development. The V2 user interface was refined, and functionalities like allowances and supplying to Liquidity Management Pools (LMPs) were integrated. Security audits are still ongoing, and user interviews and testing have commenced. Backend efforts included defining subgraph data, V2 tests, and test automation, along with L2 Chainlink research.

Further development featured the implementation of V2 TVL and vaults, testnet setup, strategy contract development, and Chainlink integration on Layer 2. Financial analysis and testing included LP token pricing and thorough audits. Strategy and Communications entailed comprehensive V2 documentation in GitBook format, setting the stage for testnet deployment.

General Update for All Pilots

  • August 2: The team recalled its stable pool deployments from Curve out of an abundance of caution while continuing to monitor the Vyper security incident while considering options for safely redeploying POA.
  • August 4: The team rebalanced its treasury and converted a portion of DAO tokens into ETH in preparation for the launch of v2.
  • August 21: The team transferred funds to cover the next several months of expenses and will be advancing funds for expenses on a quarterly basis going forward. This transfer moved $1.5M in USDC from the Tokemak multi-sig off-chain to the service provider.
  • Timeline Note: The current Asana board was updated as of 8/16 here.
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