State of the Reactor - August 18, 2023


Key Takeaways

  • The critical path to launch includes the Sherlock audit concluding on Aug. 28, followed by a week for a competition judging review.
  • The Halborn audit has been extended to nine weeks (originally estimated at 5.5 weeks) for formal verification.
  • With these audit timelines in mind, the Autopilot launch is scheduled for the end of October or early November.
  • Testnet deployment of contracts and UI is currently in progress, with an official announcement to follow on the launch of a public testnet.
  • Community feedback has been obtained through interviews to gather insights into the new dApp user interface.
  • Auditors are prepared and waiting to receive the strategy contracts, which are the final pieces required to be audited.
  • Discussions at EthCC included collaborations with LST providers such as StakeWise, Stader, and Gravita.
  • These protocols are particularly interested in using the DAO Liquidity Management Pools exclusively via their own respective liquidity pools – i.e., custom-made LMPs developed to overlap with collateral types supported in their pools.
  • Due to Curve's recent exposure to a Vyper vulnerability, liquidity was pulled from Curve pools. No funds were affected; however, accTOKE yield was affected. An APR increase is anticipated as assets are redeployed and rebalanced upon the launch of v2.
  • Tokemak was invited to join the StakeWise and BlockSwap liquidity council, paving the way for potential collaboration and sharing research into LSTs and liquidity.
  • Autopilot is adaptive to market fluctuations and swap costs, and Ahuja will soon provide an in-depth breakdown of the system's dynamic rebalancing.
  • Tokemak’s new UI will enable swap-on-deposit, migration from v1, and display of detailed analytics regarding asset flow into LMPs.
  • accTOKE will continue to be the primary method for sharing revenue, but this may change as a new model is developed.
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