Tokebase Dispatch: Edition 13 - August 8, 2023

by Kadesh

State of the Reactor - July 13th, 2023

State of the Reactor - July 13, 2023
Today’s State of the Reactor call included the announcement of a new AI-powered Tokebase Pilot Manual, an update on contract audits, and a sneak peek of the v2 interface design.

Key Takeaways

  • Tokebase has released the Tokebase Pilot Manual, a new documentation resource and AI assistant, to help educate new users on the fundamentals of DeFi and the benefits of Tokemak. This knowledge base will continuously be updated with new content as more details of v2 emerge.
  • Audits are still underway. A Sherlock audit bounty contest, with an attractive prize pool, starts on Monday, July 17th.
  • The timeline (viewable on the public dashboard) is on track for a mid/late September launch of Autopilot.
  • The vesting tokens' emissions schedule will be released in the next few weeks. The team thanked the community for their patience in this matter.

Editorial: Unraveling the Curvature of DeFi

Unraveling the Curvature of Decentralized Finance: A Closer Look at Tokemak v2
Riding the wave of DeFi innovation with Tokemak v2. Discover how Liquidity Management Pools & the Autopilot feature are revolutionizing market making in DeFi. Learn about the balance of benefits & risks in our latest article!

Ouija guides us through the nuances of decentralized finance, the importance of market making, and the pros and cons of using Tokemak V2.

Cycle Movements and Development Updates

  • July 5: Cycle 271 to 272 rollover complete. Total rewards: $14,856.09.
  • July 12: Cycle 272 to 273 rollover complete. Total rewards: $14,902.59.
  • July 19: Cycle 273 to 274 rollover complete. Total rewards: $14,865.43.
  • July 26: Cycle 274 to 275 rollover complete. Total rewards: $15,860.52.

Throughout July, the team focused on both frontend and backend development, making significant progress in refining the V2 UI and integrating the CurveV2 Oracle. They executed the Zealy campaign and the subsequent post-Zealy campaign. Additionally, considerable effort was invested in documenting the V2 system and conducting code reviews to ensure code quality. The Strategy and Communications team played an essential role in preparing documentation and content for various channels, including campaigns, articles, and social media updates. Overall, July was a busy and productive month, laying the groundwork for the successful launch and communication of V2.

General Update for All Pilots

  • July 6: The announcement for the Sherlock crowd audit competition was made. Find details [here](URL).
  • July 13: The team hosted a Twitter Spaces event with Swell, discussing the future of LSTs liquidity.
  • July 17: A recap of the Spaces hosted with Swell was released.
  • July 20: The team released a new article exploring validator penalties, slashing, and their impact on Tokemak v2.
  • July 24: The Zealy x Tokemak campaign came to a close.
  • July 27: The team shared an update on the TOKE vesting schedule and unlocks.
  • July 29: The winners of the Zealy Sprint were announced. Details can be found in the compiled spreadsheet.
  • July 30: The team confirmed that Tokemak was not negatively impacted by the Vyper vulnerabilities currently identified, but out of an abundance of caution, Tokemak has recalled its stable pool deployments from Curve while the vulnerability is being analyzed.
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