Tokebase Dispatch: Edition 15 - October 1, 2023

by Kadesh

State of the Reactor - Sept 29th, 2023

State of the Reactor - September 29, 2023
In this State of the Reactor event, the team provided updates on the upcoming launch of Tokemak v2, along with a detailed presentation on the advantages of the Autopilot system.

Key Takeaways

  • Ahuja’s presentation underscores the purpose of Autopilot, and illustrates how the adaptive rebalancing strategies that have been implemented in the Tokemak platform allow LPs to generate risk-adjusted returns on their assets.
  • Tokemak optimizes its deployment strategy based on real market conditions, and allows individual users to benefit from optimized liquidity deployment of the entire LMP. Gas costs, slippage, available liquidity, underlying assets, pool performance, and other factors are all taken into account by the Autopilot mechanism.
  • Backtesting data demonstrates how Autopilot returns are more consistent and average a higher APR to industry standard staking yield and “greedy allocator” strategies.
  • The team is continuing to conduct UI/UX feedback sessions and will soon be launching a testnet
  • The team is highly focused on security, and the contract audits with Sherlock and Halborn are still in progress.

Cycle Movements and Development Updates

  • September 6: Cycle 280 -> 281 rollover complete. Total rewards: $6,942.28.
  • September 13: Cycle 281 -> 282 rollover complete. Total rewards: $$6,865.98.
  • September 20: Cycle 282 -> 283 rollover complete. Total rewards: $8,107.59.
  • September 27: Cycle 283 -> 284  rollover complete. Total rewards: $7,534.74

In September, the Tokemak team achieved significant progress in both frontend and backend development. On the frontend, they enhanced Contract and Vault interactions, carried out continuous debugging, and integrated design updates. On the backend, the devs began preparations for an audit correction cycle, emphasizing subgraph data management and LMP vault rewards. Strategy testing continued to be a focal point, coupled with the incorporation of Curve on Goerli and advancements in subgraph capabilities. The Strategy and Communications departments focused on Tokemak v2 documentation, thorough testing, preparations for the testnet, and audit evaluations. September was a productive sprint for development and audit-focused tasks, setting the stage for the forthcoming v2 release and testnet deployment.

General Update for All Pilots

  • September 4: The team recalled its stable pool deployments from Curve out of an abundance of caution, while continuing to monitor the Vyper security incident while considering options for safely redeploying POA.
  • September 7: While Tokemak is not actively hiring, the team has re-opened the Solidity developer position for candidates interested in working with the protocol.
  • Timeline Note: The current Asana board was updated as of 9/28.
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