Tokebase Dispatch: Edition 16 - October 31, 2023

by Kadesh

Cycle Movements and Development Updates

  • October 4: Cycle 284 -> 285 rollover complete. Total rewards: $7,452.63.
  • October 11: Cycle 285 -> 286 rollover complete. Total rewards: $6,402.17.
  • October 18: Cycle 286 -> 287 rollover complete. Total rewards: $6,476.7.
  • October 25: Cycle 287 -> 288  rollover complete. Total rewards: $7,534.74

In October, the Tokemak team made strides in frontend and backend development, addressing UI issues, updating copy, and collaborating with OpenUX for reviews.

Backend efforts were concentrated on resolving audit fixes, reviewing pull requests, and specifying vault updates. The team has prepared video content, marketing materials, and continued work on the v2 Gitbook.

Continuous efforts were made in user experience audits, subgraph integrations, and addressing audit findings. October showed progress toward the v2 launch, demonstrating commitment to improving user interfaces, resolving audit concerns, and refining strategies and communications.

General Update for All Pilots

  • October 27: No major updates from the last SotR as the team is currently focused on audits, but we look forward to the next event in November!
  • Job Opening: While Tokemak is not actively hiring, the team has re-opened the Solidity developer position for candidates interested in working with the protocol.
  • Timeline Note: The current Asana board was updated as of 10/25.
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