Token Reactor Liquidity Deployment Has Begun

Hot on the heels of Pair Reactor assets being directed to exchanges, volatile Token Reactor assets have just been deployed from Tokemak.

Token Reactor Liquidity Deployment Has Begun

The end of Cycle Zero marked the beginning of the first drip of Pair Reactor liquidity deployment to exchanges.

Today, with the start of Cycle 203, a guarded deployment of select Token Reactor assets has begun. Currently, ~$100k of ALCX, FOX, and SUSHI are being directed to SushiSwap and Uniswap.

Over the coming weeks as the system is deemed stable, additional assets will be deployed as the guardrails are lowered and the full strength of Hurricane Tokemak is let loose.

The latest short-term roadmap was just published, so be sure to reference the dates below for a more detailed deployment timeline.

March of the Tokemechs
The Tokemak team has published a short-term roadmap, outlining what to expect from the protocol in the weeks ahead.

For a quick recap of the difference between Pair and Token Reactors, check out our Pilot Manual video.

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