Rook's C.o.R.E. Gambit Pays Off


In wake of the unprecedented collapse of Terra's native stablecoin, many Pilots have been wondering if there is now room to ignite another Token Reactor.

This stalemate over the revival of Terra has benefited Rook, who has now been knighted as an honorary winner of C.o.R.E.3 while the fate of Terra is decided.

As a result of recent events, ROOK (#6 in CoRE3 voting) has been promoted into the winners’ circle to receive a Reactor. They made an incredible run at the end of voting and the Reactor is well deserved. Congrats and welcome to the family KeeperDAO!

Many Pilots were drawn to Rook while listening to their eye-opening Spotlight AMA, but their last-minute bribe during the endgame of the latest C.o.R.E. wasn't quite timely enough to draw profit-driven voters away from the top 5 Reactor candidates, causing Rook to place 6th – falling short of their intended checkmate. However, this move strategically positioned them in a prime spot to capitalize on last week's unexpected blunder.

Congratulations to the Rook community on the promotion. Sustainable liquidity awaits!

Reactors for the C.o.R.E.3 winners are expected to be ignited over the coming weeks.

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