Liquidity Deployment is Live

"He who controls the liquidity, controls the metaverse."

We are entering a new age. The age of sustainable liquidity. From the DeGenesis event 5 months ago until today, Pilots have been anxiously awaiting the reactors to go live and begin flowing liquidity to exchange venues.

We've done the drills, and Pilots have become familiar with the Balancing Act and Voting Protocol, including the recently deployed Pro Mode that enables granular voting for exchange venues per-reactor.

And it's all be in preparation for this moment – Liquidity Deployment.

Brace Yourselves, Pilots: Tokemak Liquidity Deployment Begins
The Beginning of a New Era

Now, Tokemak has achieved its goal of flowing sustainable liquidity to the first batch of supported exchange venues.

The process will begin slowly, with just a drip of liquidity while the system is validated with safe-guards in place.

It’s important to note that this process of liquidity deployment is beginning in a way that is carefully controlled, monitored, and gradual. This is intentional for the purposes of ensuring the security of the mechanics in order to graduate to a larger scale of deployment, and reach the stage where the team feels confident in unlocking Tokemak’s full design and potential. Thus, kicking off deployment with stablecoins into Curve pools was an obvious way to ease into ensuring the mechanisms at play are behaving as intended.

That's the signal to batten down the hatches, because the storm is coming. After this validation period, the system will ramp up to full capacity, and the full torrent of liquidity will be deployed to exchanges.

Many protocols have claimed to be a "Liquidity Blackhole". Bancor, THORChain, and others. But none have offered the flexibility and collaboration that Tokemak does – it complements, not competes, with other protocols.

And a rising tide lifts all boats.

See you on the other side, Pilots.

Stay tuned for updates on the Liquidity Deployment process. To learn more about Liquidity Directing, refer to the Pilot Manual.

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